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Monday, June 1, 2009

Whoo, finally managed to pass over the FAM to ----SUMMERx3 ~ 8D

At least now I'll know that nobody will mistake me as FAM leader ._.

How come there are so little people online ? I mean ... exams are over already right ?

If you think that our FAM is just there for you to have something over your name and not be active, then you might as well quit ~_~

Guess who I got the account from ? ----WINDx3 ! :D

----SUMMERx3 isn't online so I got it from ----WINDx3 . I suspected she would know our blog account .

Sometimes I wonder why people join FAMs when they know that they won't be active . Weirdos ;x

You could all at the very least go online right ? It's not too much to ask, I hope .

I know I don't exactly have the right to ask you all to go online but ... GO ONLINEXCZSZCZZX PEOPLE .

I wanna make some changes to the blog . Hope ----SUMMERx3 won't mind ><


` I was dancing at 6:57 PM

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
most people not that active now ;O
including me~ =x cause exams !
got valid reason ok..
but some ppl.. *shakes head*
sooo~ im gonna lecture about being active xD

ask 1 question first.
Why join the FAM when you're inactive?
FAMily~ that's my guess. FAMilies always stay with each other right? That's the reason why we have a house. That's the reason why 'everyone' works to earn dens, so we can gather the dens and buy bigger houses. Some people just don't do that. They don't even care. They just go " your fam still got slot? can join? " They don't even say 'please'. They join, be satisfied and go " yay! i have a fam! :D " What do you think we are? A hotel for those who don't have FAMs to stay? Then those inactive must be having a coma then. Even those active, all living in a hotel for free. Summer calls us by nicknames, so what? She treats us like siblings in a family. She's also trying really hard, so is Dark. What are they doing this for? Summer - Level, take over FAM as Master, spam FAM channel, earn FPs. Dark - Level, take over FAM as JR, support Summer and the other FAM members. I'm not biased, if you think I am. I'm just stating the facts. Winter cheers Summer on too. Have you ever felt like giving up when you're trying real hard but nobody cheers you on? Without the 'cheerleaders' in this FAM. Summer may just have given up and say " -TORAKO, pass the FAM to Dark when he levels." So yeah. Let's forget about the inactive part. You're active but you don't care about anybody. Happily having the word "~SEASONSx3~" over your little IGN. Fine, be happy showing off. But you'll be humiliated. Our FAM rank is dropping. The reason? You. You may not see this post, cause you don't care at all about this FAM. So, if you think the FAM is hotel, quit it.
Wake up ~SEASONSx3~! Spread the blog URL around people. Earn FP together, everyone ^^
FAMily = FAM, I love you <3

omg. i cant believe i typed all that.
i think i'm gonna be a BIG mama now -.-

` I was dancing at 5:59 PM

Sunday, March 29, 2009

there's a new member in the fam !!
-2th-Summer- ;DDDD
welcome welcome !

erm he told me, going mia awhile.
chiong maple =="
soo yea, ><

short post, byebye xD

` I was dancing at 10:18 AM

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Yoooooo :D
So i'm wondering about the outing during June and i'm thinking....
and i need your opinion ;]
Are u a sporty person,
a bookreader
or wat?
You have to tell me wat you like to do and i will see wat we can do from there.
Example if you're like a sporty person, we can like go to east coast to cycle and yea play all those.
Sooooooo tell me your ans when i'm online :]

Marjority wins. :D
Those invited will be posted next time.
Further details too.

Pls and thank you. :]


I'm Summer btw :]

` I was dancing at 12:22 PM

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Summer here! :]

Sooooo you probably or must (-.-") have heard from wind that i'm going to be the master?
Uh yea...about that =.=" got one problem..
I can't pass my lic to lvl 20!
Heard from wind need to get like a...headphone?
Wanted to buy today but oh well~ i guess it got like "postponed"?

Hopefully, i can get it tmr~ xD
Oh and yea, the REALLY and i mean REALLY inactive ppl will be *cough* kick out. Sry but yea, sry. ><"

Wind and me are still tinking of the req :D
If you have any like ideas, tell us kays? :]

I posted! xD

scared mama scold me for not posting ;x

KKays ,

Cyaaaaa :]

` I was dancing at 9:49 PM

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
heys heys ! long time no see ;o
no updates since.. long time ago.
so here are the updates !

i am honoured to be standing here,
well sitting...
to announce the master! ((:
and dat would be?
*drum roll ~*
----SUMMERx3 !!
LOL so kua zhang, like official ceremony like dat..

hip hip, HOORAY !
hip hip, HOORAY !
hip hip, HOORAY !
omg, i feel dam retarded..

&& yay ! i will stay blue ! xD
me and summer still thinking who be blue ;o
soo shhhhh ;x

lets wait for summer to be lvl 21 ==
so we can erm throw thee....
master responsibility to her, hehehe >D


` I was dancing at 4:04 PM

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